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Technology Interproekt GmbH is one of the largest suppliers of technologies for elevators, feed mills and flour mills, pig farms and poultry farms. To learn more
Project The company "Interproekt GmbH" offers a full range of design works, both on the modernization of existing enterprises, and on the creation of new ones. To learn more
Assistance in project approval
Quality control of the project at the construction site
Project management as part of the customer service
Estimation of the project budget
Estimation of the project budget Studies on the evaluation of the project budget are the basis for making optimal investment decisions, both in the construction of new facilities, so in the case of upgrading or increasing the capacity of existing facilities. To learn more
Оur clients We stake on long-term relationships. Our formula for success is professional team, individual approach to each client and comprehensive service. They turn to us, they recommend us - this is what we cherish. To learn more
We help the client optimize the budget The company "Interproekt GMBH" is focused on the budget and the requirements of the Client, therefore offers several suppliers of equipment or technology, thereby creating the conditions for conducting this tender, which, in our experience, allows to optimize the budget to 30% of the original cost. To learn more
Оur team
  • Our engineers have mastered new, promising areas-the production of bioethanol (for addition to gasoline), the waste processing plant, biogas plants.
  • The team's experience is more than 100 realized objects in different agricultural directions.
  • Our team is more than 60 people of professional staff 
  •  А large number of projects were implemented on the basis of technologies of leading suppliers from the USA, Germany, Denmark, Spain, England, the Netherlands.
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